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Address: 3250 W Adams St
Chicago, IL 60624
Property Name: Marshall High School
Long Name: John Marshall Metropolitan High School
Property Use: School
Ownership: CPS Owned
If Non-CPS Property, Owner Name:
Assessment / Most Recent Facility Standards Review:
Capital Investment and Project Information (January 2010 to date)
StatusYear CompletedProject Complete CostDescription
Complete 2011 $1,944,020.72  Classroom Doors, Corridor Painting, DCCP Classroom up-grades, Fire Alarm Sub-panel, Inudstrial Hygiene, Mechanical Repairs, Minor Science Classroom up-grades, Select Classroom Painting, Select Floor Replacement, Thermostats, Unisex Toilet on 2nd Floor, Water heaters
Complete 2011 $6,618,931.49  Doors, Lighting (Exterior), Masonry, Painting, Roofs, Structural Repairs, Tuckpoint, Window Guards, Windows
Lease Information
Download LeaseDescriptionLease/Lic. TypeLessor/ LicensorLessee/ LicenseeLease Detail
Marshall.Circle.Family.Healthcare.Agmt.2012.pdf Health Care Center License License CPS Circle Family Healthcare Network View
Marshall Metro IGA eff jan 30 2007 but dated dec 29 2010.pdf IGA for shared use of park adjacent to Marshall HS IGA CPS Chicago Park District View