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Address: 4540 N Campbell Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
Property Name: Waters School
Long Name: Thomas J Waters Elementary School
Property Use: School
Ownership: CPS Owned
If Non-CPS Property, Owner Name:
Assessment / Most Recent Facility Standards Review:
Capital Investment and Project Information (January 2010 to date)
StatusYear CompletedProject Complete CostDescription
Complete 2011 $796,362.07  Mechanical
Complete 2010 $2,273,709.38  ACM Abatement, Addition, Air Conditioning, Annexes, Asphalt, Bathrooms, Caulking, Ceiling, Concrete, Demolition, Doors, Electrical, Environmental, Exterior Construction, Fencing, Finishes, Fire Alarms, Fire Protection, Fixtures, Hardware, Inspect Peeling Paint
Lease Information
Download LeaseDescriptionLease/Lic. TypeLessor/ LicensorLessee/ LicenseeLease Detail
Waters Elem IGo.pdf 1 parking space License CPS I-Go d/b/a Alternative Transportation Services of Chicagoland View
Waters.IGo.2011.pdf one parking space Parking CPS I-Go d\b\a Alternative Transportation Services of Chicagoland View
Waters.LincolnPresbyterian.2011.pdf Parking lot, Gynamsium, Cafeteria, Storage, Classrooms 107,108 License CPS Lincoln Square Presbyterian View