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Address: 3527 S Wallace St
Chicago, IL 60609
Property Name: McClellan School
Long Name: George B McClellan Elementary School
Property Use: School
Ownership: CPS Owned
If Non-CPS Property, Owner Name:
Assessment / Most Recent Facility Standards Review:
Capital Investment and Project Information (January 2010 to date)
Lease Information
Download LeaseDescriptionLease/Lic. TypeLessor/ LicensorLessee/ LicenseeLease Detail
3527 S Wallace 60609 Sprintcom.pdf Cell tower license Telecom CPS Sprintcom, Inc., a Kansas Corporation View
LICENSE.McClellan.Blk & Wht.2012-2015.SECOND AMENDMENT.EXECUTED.UPLOADED ID 51244.pdf Parking McClellan & BLKWHT Valent amendment.pdf Parking Lot Usage blkwht valet Parking CPS Blk Wht Valet LLC View