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Address: 700 W Willow St
Chicago, IL 60614
Property Name: Newberry Magnet
Long Name: Walter L Newberry Math & Science Academy Elementary School
Property Use: School
Ownership: CPS Owned
If Non-CPS Property, Owner Name:
Assessment / Most Recent Facility Standards Review:
Capital Investment and Project Information (January 2010 to date)
StatusYear CompletedProject Complete CostDescription
In Progress $783,247.60  Campus Park
Lease Information
Download LeaseDescriptionLease/Lic. TypeLessor/ LicensorLessee/ LicenseeLease Detail
Newberry Valet Parking License Agmt 2012 EXECUTED.pdf Parking lot license Parking CPS Valet Parking Authority, Ltd View
General Licenese Newberry zip cars.pdf To occupy two parking spaces in the school parking lot License CPS Zipcar Inc. View
General Licenese Newberry.pdf Use the school auditorium, gym, hallways, gym, and ten classrooms to provide church services License CPS Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints View