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1059 W 13th St Chicago IL 60608 Smyth School John M Smyth Elementary School View
Lease Information
Description: Construction and Shared Usage Agreement for Playground, Park and Athletic Facilities
Lease or License Type: Shared Usage
Lessor or Licensor: CPS
Lessee or Licensee: Inner City Education and Recreation Foundation ("ICERF")
Board Report: 18-0822-OP5-1; 17-1025-OP1-1
Effective Date: 08/06/2019
Termination Date: 08/05/2049
Annual Rent: N/A
Maintenance: ICERF-Shared Facilities; CPS-School Improvements
Capital Improvements Athletic Fields; Playground; Driveway; Signage;
Utilities: ICERF-Shared Facilities; CPS-School Improvements
Other Expenses:
Notes ICERF to make the following improvements at its own expense: construct football field, 400 meter track, baseball field and soccer field, demolish Joyner CPC building, install drop off/driveway to the school, landscape the CPC site, install new playground, install new school signage, install fencing around school with a gate to St. Ignatius Garden. Primary Usage Hours: Smyth - M-F, 8:00 am-3:00 pm during the regular school year. ICERF - all other times. Smyth may use the Shared Facilities at other times, if not in use. ICERF shall appoint a scheduler for the Shared Facilities. Smyth may use St. Ignatius Garden. ICERF shall improve and maintain the garden.
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