Welcome to the CPS Property and Lease Information site. CPS has created this site to provide specific property-related information to the public. This Property List page allows you to view all property used by CPS, whether it is CPS-owned, leased or subject to an intergovernmental agreement with another City agency. The Filter search to the right allows you to search for specific property by keyword, address or ownership. For those fields in which "N/A" is indicated, no information is available. For more information on "CPS Owned" property, please click here.

Property List

 AddressProperty Name Long NameFacility IDUnitZipOwnershipAttached Leases
Detail 11601 S Oakley Ave  Map 11601 S Oakley AveN/A  60643CPS Owned 
Detail 1234 W 95th St  Map 1234 W 95th St1234 W 95th St  60643CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 13311 S Burley Ave  Map 13311 Burley AveN/A  60633CPS Owned 
Detail 2901 E 101st St  Map 2901 E 101st StN/A  60617CPS Owned 
Detail 300 S Canal St  Map 300 S Canal StN/A  60606CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 4600 S Wolcott Ave  Map 4600 S Wolcott (Lara Elementary Parking Lot)N/A  60609CPS Owned 
Detail 5051 W Polk St  Map 5051 W Polk StN/A  60644CPS Owned 
Detail 5211 S Prairie Ave  Map 5211 S Prairie AveN/A  60615CPS Owned 
Detail 5737 S May St  Map 5737 S May StN/A  60621CPS Owned 
Detail 4101 W 60th St  Map 60th and Karlov Athletic FieldN/A  60629CPS Owned 
Detail 6400 S Major Ave  Map 6400 S Major AveN/A  60638CPS Owned 
Detail 6739 N Northwest Hwy  Map 6739 N Northwest HighwayN/A  60631CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 9318 S Champlain Ave  Map 9318 S Champlain Ave (Champlain and Burnside)N/A  60619CPS Owned 
Detail 1780 W 93rd St  Map 93rd and VanderpoelN/A  60643CPS Owned 
Detail 5410 S State St  Map ACE Tech CharterArchitecture, Construction, and Engineering Technical Charter School 795060609CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 11000 S Ewing Ave  Map Addams Pre-KJane Addams Elementary School Pre-K  60617CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 10810 S Avenue H  Map Addams SchoolJane Addams Elementary School 202060617CPS Owned 
Detail 1900 N Austin Ave  Map Administrative OfficeN/A  60639CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 2851 N Seminary Ave  Map Agassiz SchoolLouis A Agassiz Elementary School 203060657CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3630 S Wells St  Map Air Force Academy High School (at Abbott)Air Force Academy High School 105560609CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3545 W Fulton Blvd  Map Al Raby School (at Flower)Al Raby High School 769060624CPS Owned 
Detail 4929 N Sawyer Ave  Map Albany Park Academy and Edison Gifted CenterAlbany Park Multicultural Academy and Edison Regional Gifted Center 629060625CPS Owned 
Detail 4648 N Kedzie Ave  Map Albany Park Academy Parking LotN/A  60625CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 2957 N Hoyne Ave  Map Alcott High School (at Schneider School)Alcott High School for the Humanities 579060618CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 2625 N Orchard St  Map Alcott SchoolLouisa May Alcott Elementary School 204060614CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 630 E 131st St  Map Aldridge SchoolIra F Aldridge Elementary School 271060827CPS Owned 
Detail 1340 W 71st St  Map Altgeld SchoolJohn P Altgeld Elementary School 205060636CPS Owned 
Detail 1920 N Hamlin Ave  Map Ames SchoolAmes Middle School 209060647CPS Owned 
Detail 5110 N Damen Ave  Map Amundsen High SchoolRoald Amundsen High School 121060625CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Lease 4
Lease 5
Lease 6
Detail 911 W 32nd Pl  Map Armour BranchPhilip D Armour Elementary School Branch  60608CPS Owned 
Detail 950 W 33rd Pl  Map Armour SchoolPhillip D Armour Elementary School 207060608CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2110 W Greenleaf Ave  Map Armstrong SchoolGeorge Armstrong International Studies Elementary School 208060645CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5345 W Congress Pkwy  Map Armstrong Specialty SchoolLouis Armstrong Math & Science Elementary School 570060644CPS Owned 
Detail 8300 S Saint Louis Ave  Map Ashburn Community Elementary School (at St. Dennis)Ashburn Community Area Elementary School 710060652CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 8505 S Ingleside Ave  Map Ashe SchoolArthur R Ashe Elementary School 690060619CPS Owned 
Detail 3986 W Barry Ave  Map Aspira CharterAspira Charter Early College High School 780360618Non-CPS Property 
Detail 3729 W Leland Ave  Map Aspira Charter (at Haugan)ASPIRA Charter - Haugan Campus 350060625CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 3813 S Dearborn St  Map AttucksN/A  60609CPS Owned 
Detail 5055 S State St  Map Attucks School (at Farren)Crispus Attucks Elementary School 210060609CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3500 N Hoyne Ave  Map Audubon SchoolJohn J Audubon Elementary School 211060618CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 231 N Pine Ave  Map Austin Business and Entrepreneurship, Austin Polytech Academy, Voise Academy High SchoolAustin Polytechnical Academy High School 106560644CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 8045 S Kenwood Ave  Map Avalon Park SchoolAvalon Park Elementary School 213060619CPS Owned 
Detail 2945 N Sawyer Ave  Map Avondale School (consolidating into Logandale)N/A 214060618CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 4707 W Marquette Rd  Map Azuela Elementary SchoolMariano Azuela Elementary School 866060629CPS Owned 
Detail 2710 E 89th St  Map Baker College PreparatoryBaker College Preparatory 754060617CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6656 S Normal Blvd  Map Banneker SchoolBenjamin Banneker Elementary School 688060621CPS Owned 
Detail 1625 W Diversey Pkwy  Map Banner North SchoolBanner North Alternative Schools  60614CPS Owned 
Detail 2330 E 99th St  Map Banner South SchoolBanner South Academy High School  60617CPS Owned 
Detail 5035 W North Ave  Map Banner West SchoolBanner West Academy High School  60639CPS Owned 
Detail 10354 S Charles St  Map Barnard SchoolAlice L Barnard Computer Math & Science Center Elementary School 215060643CPS Owned 
Detail 2828 N Kilbourn Ave  Map Barry SchoolJohn Barry Elementary School 216060641CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 7650 S Wolcott Ave  Map Barton SchoolClara Barton Elementary School 217060620CPS Owned 
Detail 1140 W 66th St  Map Bass SchoolPerkins Bass Elementary School 218060621CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4220 N Richmond St  Map Bateman SchoolNewton Bateman Elementary School 219060618CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6445 W Strong St  Map Beard SchoolDaniel C Beard Elementary School 495060656CPS Owned 
Detail 5165 S State St  Map Beasley Child Parent Center (for Beasley Magnet)Beasley Child Parent Center  60609CPS Owned 
Detail 5255 S State St  Map Beasley MagnetEdward Beasley Elementary Magnet Academic Center 666060609CPS Owned 
Detail 5025 N Laramie Ave  Map Beaubien SchoolJean Baptiste Beaubien Elementary School 224060630CPS Owned 
Detail 25 W 47th St  Map Beethoven SchoolLudwig Van Beethoven Elementary School 654060609CPS Owned 
Detail 3151 W Walnut St  Map Beidler SchoolJacob Beidler Elementary School 225060612CPS Owned 
Detail 4207 W Irving Park Rd  Map Belding Pre-KN/A  60641CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 4257 N Tripp Ave  Map Belding SchoolHiram H Belding Elementary School 226060641CPS Owned 
Detail 3730 N Oakley Ave  Map Bell SchoolAlexander Graham Bell Elementary School 227060618CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 6041 W Diversey Ave  Map Belmont-Cragin Pre-KN/A  60639CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 2456 N Mango Ave  Map Belmont-Cragin School (at St. James)Belmont-Cragin Elementary School 339060639Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 10115 S Prairie Ave  Map Bennett SchoolFrank I Bennett Elementary School 228060628CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3030 W Arthington St  Map Bethune SchoolMary McLeod Bethune Elementary School 802060612CPS Owned 
Detail 9101 S Euclid Ave  Map Black MagnetRobert A Black Magnet Elementary School 786060619CPS Owned 
Detail 1420 W Grace St  Map Blaine SchoolJames G Blaine Elementary School 230060613CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 6751 W 63rd Pl  Map Blair Early Childhood CenterBlair Early Childhood Center 499060638CPS Owned 
Detail 3939 W 79th St  Map Bogan Technical High SchoolWilliam J Bogan High School 123060652CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 7050 S May St  Map Bond SchoolCarrie Jacobs Bond Elementary School 655060621CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1241 W 58th St  Map Bontemps SchoolArna Wendell Bontemps Elementary School 575060636CPS Owned 
Detail 6710 N Washtenaw Ave  Map Boone SchoolDaniel Boone Elementary School 232060645CPS Owned 
Detail 7401 S Chappell Ave  Map Bouche BranchN/A  60649CPS Owned 
Detail 7355 S Jeffery Blvd  Map Bouchet AcademyEdward A Bouchet Math & Science Academy Elementary School 243060649CPS Owned 
Detail 7736 S Burnham Ave  Map Bradwell SchoolMyra Bradwell Communications Arts & Sciences Elementary School 234060649CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4251 N Clarendon Ave  Map Brennemann SchoolJoseph Brennemann Elementary School 660060613CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 2723 N Fairfield Ave  Map Brentano AcademyLorenz Brentano Math & Science Academy Elementary School 237060647CPS Owned 
Detail 7001 W Addison St  Map Bridge Junior High BranchNorman A Bridge Junior High School Branch  60634CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 3800 N New England Ave  Map Bridge SchoolNorman A Bridge Elementary School 238060634CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 10740 S Calhoun Ave  Map Bright SchoolOrville T Bright Elementary School 239060617CPS Owned 
Detail 3825 S Washtenaw Ave  Map Brighton Park SchoolBrighton Park Elementary School 747060632CPS Owned 
Detail 8 W Root St  Map Bronzeville Lighthouse (at Hartigan)Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter Elementary School 399060609CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4934 S Wabash Ave  Map Bronzeville Scholastic Institute, Dusable Leadership Charter School, Williams School of Medicine (at DuSable Campus)Bronzeville Scholastic Institute at DuSable High School, Betty Shabazz International Charter - DuSable Leadership, Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine at DuSable High School 414060615CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 250 E 111th St  Map Brooks College PrepGwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy High School 150060628CPS Owned 
Detail 12607 S Union Ave  Map Brown AcademyRonald Brown Elementary Community Academy 504060628CPS Owned 
Detail 54 N Hermitage Ave  Map Brown SchoolWilliam H Brown Elementary School 240060612CPS Owned 
Detail 6741 S Michigan Ave  Map Brownell SchoolCharles S Brownell Elementary School 241060637CPS Owned 
Detail 932 N Central Ave  Map Brunson SchoolMilton Brunson Math & Science Specialty Elementary School 255060651CPS Owned 
Detail 9207 S Phillips Ave  Map Buckingham CenterKate S Buckingham Special Education Center 698060617CPS Owned 
Detail 2701 W Foster Ave  Map Budlong SchoolLyman A Budlong Elementary School 244060625CPS Owned 
Detail 2035 N Mobile Ave  Map Burbank SchoolLuther Burbank Elementary School 245060639CPS Owned 
Detail 5356 S King Dr  Map Burke SchoolEdmond Burke Elementary School 246060615CPS Owned 
Detail 1630 W Barry Ave  Map Burley SchoolAugustus H Burley Elementary School 247060657CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1903 E 96th St  Map Burnham Academy (Burnham Branch)Burnham Elementary Inclusive Academy (Burnham/Anthony Math and Science Academy) 248060617CPS Owned 
Detail 9800 S Torrence Ave  Map Burnham/Anthony BranchBurnham Elementary Inclusive Academy (Burnham/Anthony Math and Science Academy)  60617CPS Owned 
Detail 650 E 91st Pl  Map Burnside AcademyBurnside Elementary Scholastic Academy 252060619CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1621 W Wabansia Ave  Map Burr SchoolJonathan Burr Elementary School 253060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3542 S Washtenaw Ave  Map Burroughs SchoolJohn C Burroughs Elementary School 254060632CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 363 W Hill St  Map Byrd SchoolN/A  60610Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 5329 S Oak Park Ave  Map Byrne SchoolMichael M Byrne Elementary School 257060638CPS Owned 
Detail 8546 S Cregier St  Map Caldwell SchoolCharles P Caldwell Academy of Math & Science Elementary School 258060617CPS Owned 
Detail 2833 W Adams St  Map Calhoun North SchoolJohn Calhoun North Elementary School 661060612CPS Owned 
Detail 2865 W Adams St  Map Calhoun North School Parking Lot (1)N/A  60612CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 149 S Fransico Ave  Map Calhoun North School Parking Lot (2)N/A  60612CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 3456 W 38th St  Map Calmeca AcademyCalmeca Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language 788060632CPS Owned 
Detail 1234 N Monticello Ave  Map Cameron SchoolDaniel R Cameron Elementary School 261060651CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 3000 N Mango Ave  Map Camras Elementary SchoolMarvin Camras Elementary School 860060634CPS Owned 
Detail 4959 S Blackstone Ave  Map Canter Middle SchoolMiriam G Canter Middle School 426060615CPS Owned 
Detail 8300 W Addison St  Map Canty AnnexArthur E Canty Elementary School Annex  60634CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 3740 N Panama Ave  Map Canty SchoolArthur E Canty Elementary School 262060634CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2345 S Millard Ave  Map Cardenas SchoolLazaro Cardenas Elementary School 432060623CPS Owned 
Detail 1414 E 61st Pl  Map Carnegie SchoolAndrew Carnegie Elementary School 263060637CPS Owned 
Detail 2541-2601 W 80th St  Map Carroll-Rosenwald BranchCarroll-Rosenwald Specialty Elementary School Branch  60652CPS Owned 
Detail 2929 W 83rd St  Map Carroll-Rosenwald SchoolCarroll-Rosenwald Specialty Elementary School 265060652CPS Owned 
Detail 5516 S Maplewood Ave  Map Carson School (at Rachel)Rachel Carson Elementary School 266060629CPS Owned 
Detail 5740 S Michigan Ave  Map Carter SchoolWilliam W Carter Elementary School 267060637CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 13201 S Corliss Ave  Map Carver CampusN/A  60827CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 13100 S Doty Ave  Map Carver Military AcademyGeorge Washington Carver Military Academy High School 185060627CPS Owned 
Detail 901 E 133rd Pl  Map Carver Primary SchoolGeorge Washington Carver Primary School 269060827CPS Owned 
Detail 3501 W Potomac Ave  Map Casals SchoolPablo Casals Elementary School 429060651CPS Owned 
Detail 11314 S Spaulding Ave  Map Cassell SchoolGeorge F Cassell Elementary School 272060655CPS Owned 
Detail 2524 S Central Park Ave  Map Castellanos Middle SchoolRosario Castellanos Elementary School 251060623CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5608 W Washington Blvd  Map Catalyst SchoolCatalyst Charter Elementary School - Circle Rock 437160644Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2908 W Washington Blvd  Map Cather ElementaryWilla Cather Elementary School 809660612CPS Owned 
Detail 125 S Clark St  Map Central OfficeN/A  60603CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Lease 4
Lease 5
Lease 6
Lease 7
Lease 8
Lease 9
Lease 10
Lease 11
Lease 12
Lease 13
Lease 14
Lease 15
Lease 16
Detail 17 E Adams St  Map Central Office Parking LotN/A  60603CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 2745 W Roosevelt Rd  Map Chalmers SchoolThomas Chalmers Specialty Elementary School 274060608CPS Owned 
Detail 2135 W Foster Ave  Map Chappell SchoolEliza Chappell Elementary School 275060625CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 2021 N Point St  Map Chase SchoolSalmon P Chase Elementary School 276060647CPS Owned 
Detail 4747 S Marshfield Ave  Map Chavez CenterCesar E Chavez Multicultural Academic Center Elementary School 564060609CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 521 E 35th St  Map Chi Arts (at Doolittle West)Chicago High School for the Arts  60616CPS Owned 
Detail 3400 N Austin Ave  Map Chicago Academy Elementary, Chicago Academy High SchoolChicago Academy Elementary School, Chicago Academy High School 667060634CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 3857 W 111th St  Map Chicago Agricultural High SchoolChicago High School for Agricultural Sciences 179060655CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1501 E 83rd Pl  Map Chicago Inernational Charter - Avalon/South ShoreChicago International Charter - Avalon/South Shore 658060619Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1816 W Garfield Blvd  Map Chicago International Charter - BasilChicago International Charter - Basil 713060609Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2235 N Hamilton Ave  Map Chicago International Charter - BucktownChicago International Charter - Bucktown 491060647Non-CPS Property 
Detail 3820 N Spaulding Ave  Map Chicago International Charter - Irving ParkChicago International Charter - Irving Park 491360618Non-CPS Property 
Detail 801 E 133rd Pl  Map Chicago International Charter - Larry Hawkins (at Carver Middle)Chicago International Charter - Larry Hawkins 811060827CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 13300 S Langley Ave  Map Chicago International Charter - Lloyd BondChicago International Charter - Lloyd Bond 804960827Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1309 W 95th St  Map Chicago International Charter - LongwoodChicago International Charter - Longwood 242060643Non-CPS Property 
Detail 9535 S Loomis St  Map Chicago International Charter - Loomis PrimaryChicago International Charter - Loomis Primary 491460643Non-CPS Property 
Detail 3900 W Peterson Ave  Map Chicago International Charter - NorthtownChicago International Charter - Northtown 774060659Non-CPS Property 
Detail 11530 S Prairie Ave  Map Chicago International Charter - PrairieChicago International Charter - Prairie 422060628Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1817 W 80th St  Map Chicago International Charter - Ralph EllisonChicago International Charter - Ralph Ellison 491160620Non-CPS Property 
Detail 6105 S Michigan Ave  Map Chicago International Charter - Washington ParkChicago International Charter - Washington Park 229060637Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2245 N McVicker Ave  Map Chicago International Charter - West BeldenChicago International Charter - West Belden 712060639Non-CPS Property 
Detail 8130 S California Ave  Map Chicago International Charter - WrightwoodChicago International Charter - Wrightwood 318060652Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1443 N Ogden Ave  Map Chicago International Charter School (CICS) (formerly Truth School)Chicago Charter School Foundation-ChicagoQWuest (Chicago International Charter School) 515060610CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 7212 N Clark St  Map Chicago Math and ScienceChicago Math and Science Academy High School 794060626Non-CPS Property 
Detail 3519 S Giles Ave  Map Chicago Military AcademyChicago Military Academy High School 180060653CPS Owned 
Detail 4319 W Washington Blvd  Map Chicago Talent Development SchoolChicago Talent Development High School 805360624Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1301 W 14th St  Map Chicago Tech Academy (formerly Medill)Chicago Academy for Advanced Technology High School 802260608CPS Owned 
Detail 38 S Peoria St  Map Chicago Virtual CharterChicago Virtual Charter High School 770060607Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2100 E 87th St  Map Chicago Vocational High SchoolChicago Vocational Career Academy High School 101060617CPS Owned 
Detail 2450 W Rice St  Map Chopin SchoolFrederic Chopin Elementary School 277060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 5042 S Artesian Ave  Map Christopher SchoolWalter S Christopher Elementary School 278060632CPS Owned 
Detail 2300 W 64th St  Map Claremont AcademyClaremont Academy Elementary School 783060636CPS Owned 
Detail 5101 W Harrison St  Map Clark High SchoolMichele Clark Academic Prep Magnet High School 662060644CPS Owned 
Detail 1045 S Monitor Ave  Map Clark SchoolGeorge Rogers Clark Elementary School 223060644CPS Owned 
Detail 13231 S Burley Ave  Map Clay SchoolHenry Clay Elementary School 279060633CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1147 N Western Ave  Map Clemente AcademyRoberto Clemente Community Academy High School 184060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 3121 W Byron St  Map Cleveland SchoolGrover Cleveland Elementary School 280060618CPS Owned 
Detail 6110 N Fairfield Ave  Map Clinton SchoolDeWitt Clinton Elementary School 281060659CPS Owned 
Detail 2350 W 110th Pl  Map Clissold SchoolHenry R Clissold Elementary School 282060643CPS Owned 
Detail 1441 W 119th St  Map Colemon AcademyJohnnie Colemon Elementary Academy 617060643CPS Owned 
Detail 8441 S Yates Blvd  Map Coles SchoolEdward Coles Elementary Language Academy 283060617CPS Owned 
Detail 4600 S Kedzie Ave  Map Columbia Explorers AcademyColumbia Explorers Elementary Academy 586060632CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 1003 N Leavitt St  Map Columbus SchoolChristopher Columbus Elementary School 285060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 400 W 69th St  Map Community Partnership Program (CPP)Community Partnership Program (CPP) - Early Childhood  60621CPS Owned 
Detail 1239 S Pulaski Rd  Map Community Services WestCommunity Services West Career Academy High School 122560623Non-CPS Property 
Detail 8150 S Bishop St  Map Cook SchoolJohn W Cook Elementary School 286060620CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 4046 N Leavitt St  Map Coonley SchoolJohn C Coonley Elementary School 288060618CPS Owned 
Detail 1624 W 19th St  Map Cooper SchoolPeter Cooper Elementary Dual Language Academy 289060608CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2510 S Kildare Ave  Map Corkery SchoolDaniel J Corkery Elementary School 291060623CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 821 E 103rd St  Map Corliss High SchoolGeorge H Corliss High School 186060628CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1726 W Berteau Ave  Map Courtenay SchoolMary E Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center 791060613CPS Owned 
Detail 2245 W Jackson Blvd  Map Crane Achievement Academy, Crane Tech High SchoolCrane Achievement Academy High School 766060612CPS Owned 
Detail 2128 S Saint Louis Ave  Map Crown AcademyCrown Community Academy of Fine Arts Center Elementary School 294060623CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1540 W 84th St  Map CuffeN/A  60620CPS Owned 
Detail 8324 S Racine Ave  Map Cuffe AcademyPaul Cuffe Math-Science Technology Academy Elementary Schol 409060620CPS Owned 
Detail 10650 S Eberhart Ave  Map Cullen SchoolCountee Cullen Elementary School 410060628CPS Owned 
Detail 4959 S Archer Ave  Map Curie Metro High SchoolMarie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School 182060632CPS Owned 
Detail 32 E 115th St  Map Curtis SchoolGeorge W Curtis Elementary School 316060628CPS Owned 
Detail 5024 S Wolcott Ave  Map Daley SchoolRichard J Daley Elementary Academy 656060609CPS Owned 
Detail 3116 W Belden Ave  Map Darwin SchoolCharles R Darwin Elementary School 296060647CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 9101 S Jeffery Blvd  Map Davis DevelopmentalN/A  60617CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6730 S Paulina St  Map Davis Magnet Elementary AcademySir Miles Davis Magnet Elementary Academy 700060636CPS Owned 
Detail 3014 W 39th Pl  Map Davis SchoolNathan S Davis Elementary School 297060632CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6717 S Wood S  Map Davis School (Miles Davis)N/A  60636CPS Owned 
Detail 3810 W 81st Pl  Map Dawes SchoolCharles Gates Dawes Elementary School 298060652CPS Owned 
Detail 1313 N Claremont Ave  Map De Diego AcademyJose De Diego Elementary Community Academy 742060622CPS Owned 
Detail 3000 S Lawndale Ave  Map De Dominguez SchoolJosefa Ortiz De Dominguez Elementary School 363060623CPS Owned 
Detail 2317 W 23rd St  Map De La CruzN/A  60608CPS Owned 
Detail 139 S Parkside Ave  Map De Priest SchoolOscar DePriest Elementary School 805060644CPS Owned 
Detail 7030 N Sacramento Ave  Map Decatur SchoolStephen Decatur Classical Elementary School 299060645CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3937 W Wilcox St  Map Delano SchoolEdward C Delano Elementary School 300060624CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 7240 S Wabash Ave  Map Deneen SchoolCharles S Deneen Elementary School 301060619CPS Owned 
Detail 2306 W Maypole Ave  Map Dett SchoolRobert Nathaniel Dett Elementary School 674060612CPS Owned 
Detail 3436 N Osceola Ave  Map Dever SchoolWilliam E Dever Elementary School 302060634CPS Owned 
Detail 3300 N Campbell St  Map Devry Advantage AcademyDeVry University Advantage Academy High School 699060618CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 5415 S Union Ave  Map Dewey AcademyDewey Elementary Academy of Fine Arts 303060609CPS Owned 
Detail 638 W 54th Pl  Map Dewey Child Parent CenterDewey Child Parent Center  60609CPS Owned 
Detail 8601 W Foster Ave  Map Dirksen SchoolEverett McKinley Dirksen Elementary School 295060656CPS Owned 
Detail 3815 N Kedvale Ave  Map Disney II Magnet Disney II Magnet School 804560641CPS Owned 
Detail 4140 N Marine Dr  Map Disney MagnetWalt Disney Magnet Elementary School 800060613CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 8306 S Saint Lawrence Ave  Map Dixon SchoolArthur Dixon Elementary School 304060619CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 2651 W Washington Blvd  Map Dodge SchoolMary Mapes Dodge Elementary Renaissance Academy 305060612CPS Owned 
Detail 535 E 35th St  Map Doolittle EastJames R Doolittle Jr Elementary School 307060616CPS Owned 
Detail 6108 S Natoma Ave  Map Dore SchoolJohn C Dore Elementary School 308060638CPS Owned 
Detail 543 N Waller Ave  Map Douglass Middle AcademyFrederick A Douglass Academy High School 663060644CPS Owned 
Detail 2722 S King Dr  Map Drake SchoolJohn B Drake Elementary School 310060616CPS Owned 
Detail 1845 W Cortland St  Map Drummond SchoolThomas Drummond Elementary School 312060622CPS Owned 
Detail 330 E 133rd St  Map DuBois SchoolWilliam E B Dubois Elementary School 801060827CPS Owned 
Detail 6311 S Calumet Ave  Map Dulles SchoolJohn Foster Dulles Elementary School 686060637CPS Owned 
Detail 6615 S Kenwood Ave  Map Dumas Parent CenterN/A  60637CPS Owned 
Detail 6650 S Ellis Ave  Map Dumas SchoolDumas Technology Academy 689060637CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3000 S King Dr  Map Dunbar High SchoolPaul Laurence Dunbar Career Academy High School 103060616CPS Owned 
Detail 10845 S Union Ave  Map Dunne SchoolDunne Technology Academy 605060628CPS Owned 
Detail 8445 S Kolin Ave  Map Durkin Park Elementary School (at Old Lenart)Durkin Park Elementary School 787060652CPS Owned 
Detail 3615 W 16th St  Map Dvorak AcademyDvorak Technology Academy 676060623CPS Owned 
Detail 555 E 51st St  Map Dyett SchoolDyett High School 160060615CPS Owned 
Detail 1710 E 93rd St  Map Earhart SchoolAmelia Earhart Options for Knowledge Elementary School 745060617CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6121 S Hermitage Ave  Map Earle SchoolCharles W Earle Elementary School 313060636CPS Owned 
Detail 3400 W 65th Pl  Map Eberhart SchoolJohn F Eberhart Elementary School 314060629CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 7350 W Pratt Ave  Map Ebinger SchoolChristian Ebinger Elementary School 315060631CPS Owned 
Detail 2423 E 82nd St  Map Eckersall StadiumN/A  60617CPS Owned 
Detail 6525 N Hiawatha Ave  Map Edgebrook SchoolEdgebrook Elementary School 317060646CPS Owned 
Detail 6220 N Olcott Ave  Map Edison Park Elementary SchoolEdison Park Elementary School 208560631CPS Owned 
Detail 4950 S Laporte Ave  Map Edwards BranchRichard Edwards Elementary School Branch  60638CPS Owned 
Detail 4815 S Karlov Ave  Map Edwards SchoolRichard Edwards Elementary School 320060632CPS Owned 
Detail 1434 N Parkside Ave  Map Ella Flagg Young SchoolElla Flagg Young Elementary School 652060651CPS Owned 
Detail 243 N Parkside Ave  Map Ellington SchoolEdward K Ellington Elementary School 322060644CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 5500 W Madison St  Map Emmet SchoolRobert Emmet Elementary School 323060644CPS Owned 
Detail 8255 S Houston Ave  Map EPIC Academy High School (at South Chicago)EPIC Academy High School 805860617CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3600 W 5th Ave  Map Ericson AcademyLeif Ericson Elementary Scholastic Academy 324060624CPS Owned 
Detail 1405 N Washtenaw Ave  Map Erie ElementaryErie Elementary Charter School 578060622Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1865 W Montvale Ave  Map Esmond SchoolEsmond Elementary School 325060643CPS Owned 
Detail 3419 S Bell Ave  Map Everett SchoolEdward Everett Elementary School 326060608CPS Owned 
Detail 3537 S Paulina St  Map Evergreen AcademyEvergreen Academy Middle School 749060609CPS Owned 
Detail 9811 S Lowe Ave  Map Evers SchoolMedgar Evers Elementary School 799060628CPS Owned 
Detail 6201 S Fairfield Ave  Map Fairfield Academy (formerly Marquette East)Fairfield Elementary Academy 466060629CPS LeasedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 3020 N Lamon Ave  Map Falconer SchoolLaughlin Falconer Elementary School 327060641CPS Owned 
Detail 11424 S Western Ave  Map Far South Side Collaborative Administrative OfficeN/A  60643CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 3250 W Monroe St  Map Faraday School, Garfield Park Preparatory AcademyMichael Faraday Elementary School, Garfield Park Preparatory Academy Elementary School 464060624CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5414 N Linder Ave  Map Farnsworth SchoolJames B Farnsworth Elementary School 328060630CPS Owned 
Detail 2345 S Christiana Ave  Map Farragut AcademyDavid G Farragut Career Academy High School 130060623CPS Owned 
Detail 11220 S Wallace St  Map Fenger AcademyChristian Fenger Academy High School 131060628CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1415 E 70th St  Map Fermi School, South Shore AcademyEnrico Fermi Elementary School, South Shore Fine Arts Academy 332060637CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 10041 S Union Ave  Map Fernwood SchoolFernwood Elementary School 333060628CPS Owned 
Detail 7019 N Ashland Ave  Map Field SchoolEugene Field Elementary School 335060626CPS Owned 
Detail 2332 S Western Ave  Map Finkl SchoolWilliam F Finkl Elementary School 376060608CPS Owned 
Detail 6145 S Ingleside Ave  Map Fiske SchoolJohn Fiske Elementary School 336060637CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3235 N LeClaire Ave  Map Foreman High SchoolEdwin G Foreman High School 133060641CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 9025 S Throop St  Map Fort Dearborn SchoolFort Dearborn Elementary School 340060620CPS Owned 
Detail 8530 S Wood St  Map Foster Park SchoolFoster Park Elementary School 343060620CPS Owned 
Detail 225 W Evergreen Ave  Map Franklin MagnetFranklin Elementary Fine Arts Center 342060610CPS Owned 
Detail 4027 W Grenshaw St  Map Frazier International Baccalaureate, Frazier Prep AcademyFrazier Prospective International Baccalaureate Magnet Elementary School 585060624CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 4214 S Saint Lawrence Ave  Map Fuller SchoolMelville W Fuller Elementary School 344060653CPS Owned 
Detail 5300 S Hermitage Ave  Map Fulton SchoolRobert Fulton Elementary School 345060609CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 2010 N Central Park  Map Funston SchoolFrederick Funston Elementary School 346060647CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5630 S Rockwell St  Map Gage Park High SchoolGage Park High School 134060629CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 3814 W Iowa St  Map Galapagos Charter SchoolGalapagos Elementary Charter School 584060651Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1631 W Jonquil Ter  Map Gale AcademyStephen F Gale Elementary Community Academy 348060626CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 820 S Carpenter St  Map Galileo AcademyGalileo Math & Science Scholastic Academy Elementary School 416060607CPS Owned 
Detail 10347 S Ewing Ave  Map Gallistel Language AcademyMatthew Gallistel Elementary Language Academy 349060617CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 10309 S Morgan St  Map Garvey SchoolMarcus Moziah Garvey Elementary School 542060643CPS Owned 
Detail 5225 N Oak Park Ave  Map Garvy SchoolJohn W Garvy Elementary School 351060656CPS Owned 
Detail 3740 W 31st St  Map Gary SchoolJoseph E Gary Elementary School 352060623CPS Owned 
Detail 810 E 103 St  Map Gately Stadium (at Corliss High School)N/A  60618CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 9301 S State St  Map Gillespie SchoolFrank L Gillespie Elementary School 353060619CPS Owned 
Detail 4647 W 47th St  Map Global Citizenship AcademyAcademy for Global Citizenship Elementary School 202560632Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2236 N Rockwell St  Map Goethe SchoolJohann W von Goethe Elementary School 356060647CPS Owned 
Detail 4257 W Adams St  Map Goldblatt SchoolNathan R Goldblatt Elementary School 784060624CPS Owned 
Detail 10211 S Crandon Ave  Map Goldsmith AnnexN/A 248260617CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 12302 S State St  Map Gompers SchoolSamuel Gompers Fine Arts Options Elementary School 357060628CPS Owned 
Detail 2040 W 62nd St  Map Goodlow MagnetElaine O Goodlow Elementary Magnet School 329060636CPS Owned 
Detail 5120 N Winthrop Ave  Map Goudy SchoolWilliam C Goudy Elementary School 359060640CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5017 N Winthrop Ave  Map Goudy School Parking LotN/A  60640CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 745 W 45th St  Map Graham AnnexAlexander Graham Elementary School Annex  60609CPS Owned 
Detail 4436 S Union Ave  Map Graham SchoolAlexander Graham Elementary School 360060609CPS Owned 
Detail 2347 S Wabash Ave  Map Graham Training Center High SchoolRay Graham Training Center High School 195060616CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3730 N Laramie Ave  Map Gray SchoolWilliam P Gray Elementary School 362060641CPS Owned 
Detail 3120 S Kostner Ave  Map Greater Lawndale High School For Social Justice, Infinity Math Science Tech. High School, Multicultural Arts School, World Language High School (formerly Little Village HS)Greater Lawndale High School For Social Justice, Infinity Math and Science Technology High School, World Language Academy High School 760060623CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 832 W Sheridan Rd  Map Greeley SchoolHorace Greeley Elementary School 273060613CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1150 W 96th St  Map Green SchoolWendell E Green Elementary School 441060643CPS Owned 
Detail 3525 S Honore St  Map Greene SchoolNathanael Greene Elementary School 365060609CPS Owned 
Detail 3715 W Polk St  Map Gregory SchoolJohn Milton Gregory Elementary School 366060624CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 8524 S Green St  Map Gresham SchoolWalter Q Gresham Elementary School 367060620CPS Owned 
Detail 4918 W 64th St  Map Grimes Branch (formerly Fleming)Alexander Fleming School - Grimes Branch  60638CPS Owned 
Detail 5450 W 64th Pl  Map Grimes SchoolRobert L Grimes Elementary School 368060638CPS Owned 
Detail 12810 S Escanaba Ave  Map Grissom SchoolVirgil Grissom Elementary School 358060633CPS Owned 
Detail 7141 S Morgan St  Map Guggenheim SchoolSimon Guggenheim Elementary School 705060621CPS Owned 
Detail 4420 S Sacramento Ave  Map Gunsaulus AcademyFrank W Gunsaulus Elementary Scholastic Academy 369060632CPS Owned 
Detail 247 W 23rd Pl  Map Haines SchoolJohn Charles Haines Elementary School 370060616CPS Owned 
Detail 6140 S Melvina Ave  Map Hale SchoolNathan Hale Elementary School 371060638CPS Owned 
Detail 11411 S Eggleston Ave  Map Haley SchoolAlex Haley Elementary Academy 236060628CPS Owned 
Detail 1650 W Cornelia Ave  Map Hamilton SchoolAlexander Hamilton Elementary School 373060657CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1548 W 48th St   Map Hamline BranchJohn H Hamline Elementary School Branch  60609CPS Owned 
Detail 4652 S Bishop St  Map Hamline Pre-KN/A  60609CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 4747 S Bishop St  Map Hamline SchoolJohn H Hamline Elementary School 374060609CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2819 W 21st Pl  Map Hammond SchoolCharles G Hammond Elementary School 375060623CPS Owned 
Detail 3434 W 77th St  Map Hampton SchoolLionel Hampton Fine & Performing Arts Elementary School 235060652CPS Owned 
Detail 4034 W 56th St  Map Hancock High SchoolJohn Hancock College Preparatory High School 120060629CPS Owned 
Detail 2318 N Lorel Ave  Map Hanson Park BranchHanson Park Elementary School Branch  60639CPS Leased 
Detail 5411 W Fullerton Ave  Map Hanson Park SchoolHanson Park Elementary School 477060639CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5501 W Fullerton Ave  Map Hanson Park StadiumN/A  60639CPS Owned 
Detail 9652 S Michigan Ave  Map Harlan Academy High SchoolJohn M Harlan Community Academy High School 135060628CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6520 S Wood St  Map Harper High SchoolWilliam Rainey Harper High School 136060636CPS Owned 
Detail 1556 E 56th St  Map Harte SchoolBret Harte Elementary School 378060637CPS Owned 
Detail 7525 S Harvard St  Map Harvard SchoolJohn Harvard Elementary School of Excellence 380060620CPS Owned 
Detail 4540 N Hamlin Ave  Map Haugan MagnetHelge A Haugan Elementary School 381060625CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 3319 N Clifton Ave  Map Hawthorne AcademyHawthorne Elementary Scholastic Academy 383060657CPS Owned 
Detail 1018 N Laramie Ave  Map Hay Community AcademyJohn Hay Elementary Community Academy 384060651CPS Owned 
Detail 1518 W Granville Ave  Map Hayt SchoolStephen K Hayt Elementary School 385060660CPS Owned 
Detail 3040 S Parnell Ave  Map Healy AnnexRobert Healy Elementary Annex School  60616CPS Owned 
Detail 3010 S Parnell Ave  Map Healy SchoolRobert Healy Elementary School 388060616CPS Owned 
Detail 4941 W 46th St  Map Hearst AnnexPhobe Apperson Hearst Elementary School Annex  60638CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 4640 S Lamon Ave  Map Hearst SchoolPhobe Apperson Hearst Elementary School 389060638CPS Owned 
Detail 4747 S Winchester Ave  Map Hedges BranchJames Hedges Elementary School Branch 390060609CPS Owned 
Detail 1954 W 84th St  Map Hedges Middle School AnnexN/A  60620CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 4409 W Wilcox St  Map Hefferan SchoolHelen M Hefferan Elementary School 391060624CPS Owned 
Detail 5650 S Wolcott Ave  Map Henderson SchoolCharles R Henderson Elementary School 392060636CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 4316 S Princeton Ave  Map Hendricks AcademyThomas A Hendricks Elementary Community Academy 393060609CPS Owned 
Detail 4250 N Saint Louis Ave  Map Henry SchoolPatrick Henry Elementary School 394060618CPS Owned 
Detail 1326 S Avers Ave  Map Henson SchoolMatthew A Henson Elementary School 657060623CPS Owned 
Detail 2131 W Monroe St  Map Herbert SchoolVictor Herbert Elementary School 395060612CPS Owned 
Detail 3510 W 55th St  Map Hernandez Middle SchoolIrene C Hernandez Middle School for the Advancement of Science 802160632CPS Owned 
Detail 3711 W Douglas Blvd  Map Herzl SchoolTheodore Herzl Elementary School 397060623CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 3244 W Ainslie St  Map Hibbard SchoolWilliam G Hibbard Elementary School 400060625CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 11710 S Morgan St  Map Higgins AcademyThomas J Higgins Elementary Community Academy 721060643CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 644 W 71st St  Map Hinton SchoolWilliam A Hinton Elementary School 725060621CPS Owned 
Detail 7740 S Ingleside Ave  Map Hirsch High SchoolEmil G Hirsch Metropolitan High School 138060619CPS Owned 
Detail 5625 N McVicker Ave  Map Hitch SchoolRufus M Hitch Elementary School 401060646CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1104 W 31st St  Map Holden SchoolCharles N Holden Elementary School 402060608CPS Owned 
Detail 3111 S Aberdeen St  Map Holden School Parking LotN/A  60608CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 955 W Garfield Blvd  Map Holmes SchoolOliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School 403060621CPS Owned 
Detail 5515 S Lowe Ave  Map Hope College PrepHope College Preparatory High School 194060621CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1628 W Washington Blvd  Map Hope Institute Learning AcademyHope Institute Learning Academy 806760612CPS Owned 
Detail 720 N Lorel Ave  Map Howe SchoolJulia Ward Howe Elementary School of Excellence 406060644CPS Owned 
Detail 1616 S Spaulding Ave  Map Howland Catalyst, North Lawndale High School (at Howland)Catalyst Charter Elementary School - Howland, North Lawndale College Prep Charter - Christiana 110560623CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Lease 4
Detail 8905 S Crandon Ave  Map Hoyne SchoolThomas Hoyne Elementary School 408060617CPS Owned 
Detail 6200 S Hamlin Ave  Map Hubbard High SchoolGurdon S Hubbard High School 167060629CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3726 W 62nd Pl  Map Hubbard School Parking LotN/A  60629CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 226 W 104th St  Map HughesN/A  60628CPS Owned 
Detail 4247 W 15th St  Map Hughes, Charel Evans SchoolCharles Evans Hughes Elementary School 411060623CPS Owned 
Detail 240 W 104th St  Map Hughes, Langston SchoolLangston Hughes Elementary School 806060628CPS Owned 
Detail 320 N Elizabeth St  Map Human Resources Department & E-learningN/A  60607CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 3849 W 69th Pl  Map Hurley SchoolEdward N Hurley Elementary School 412060629CPS Owned 
Detail 6220 S Stony Island Ave  Map Hyde Park AcademyHyde Park Academy High School 139060637CPS Owned 
Detail 850 W Jackson St  Map Inspector General's OfficeN/A  60657CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 122 S Michigan Ave  Map Instituto Health Sciences Career AcademyInstituto Health Sciences Career Academy High School 802660603Non-CPS Property 
Detail 851 W Waveland Ave  Map Inter-American Magnet (formerly LeMoyne)Inter-American Elementary Magnet School 489060613CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Lease 4
Lease 5
Lease 6
Lease 7
Detail 812 W Addison St  Map Inter-American Parking GarageN/A  60613Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Detail 4626 S Kedzie Ave  Map InvescomexInvescomex I, LLC  60632CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 749 S Oakley Blvd  Map Irving SchoolWashington Irving Elementary School 535060612CPS Owned 
Detail 1340 W Harrison St  Map Jackson AcademyAndrew Jackson Elementary Language Academy 469060607CPS Owned 
Detail 917 W 88th St  Map Jackson M. SchoolMahalia Jackson Elementary School 809060620CPS Owned 
Detail 3149 N Wolcott Ave  Map Jahn SchoolFriedrich Ludwig Jahn Elementary School 417060657CPS Owned 
Detail 5650 N Mozart St  Map Jamieson SchoolMinnie Mars Jamieson Elementary School 418060659CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1100 S Hamilton Ave  Map Jefferson North SchoolJefferson North Elementary Alternative School  60612CPS Owned 
Detail 1119 N Cleveland Ave  Map Jenner AcademyEdward Jenner Elementary Academy of the Arts 420060610CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1019 N Cleveland Ave  Map Jenner AnnexN/A  60610CPS Owned 
Detail 3030 W Harrison St  Map Jensen AcademyJensen Elementary Scholastic Academy 692060612CPS Owned 
Detail 1420 S Albany Ave  Map Johnson SchoolJames Weldon Johnson Elementary School 694060623CPS Owned 
Detail 641 S Plymouth Ct  Map Jones High School GymN/A  60605CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 711 S Plymouth St  Map Jones High School Parking LotN/A  60605CPS LeasedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 606 S State St  Map Jones Magnet High SchoolWilliam Jones College Preparatory High School 106060605CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Lease 4
Detail 7931 S Honore St  Map Joplin SchoolScott Joplin Elementary School 233060620CPS Owned 
Detail 7414 N Wolcott Ave  Map Jordan SchoolJordan Elementary Community School 287060626CPS Owned 
Detail 1450-1510 W Cermak Rd  Map Juarez High SchoolBenito Juarez Community Academy High School 189060608CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 10330 S Elizabeth St  Map Julian High SchoolPercy L Julian High School 187060643CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1746 S Miller St  Map Jungman SchoolJoseph Jungman Elementary School 423060608CPS Owned 
Detail 2233 S Kedzie Ave  Map Kanoon MagnetGerald Delgado Kanoon Elementary Magnet School 337060623CPS Owned 
Detail 3020 W 108th St  Map Keller MagnetAnnie Keller Elementary Gifted Magnet School 496060655CPS Owned 
Detail 751 S Sacramento Blvd  Map Kellman SchoolJoseph Kellman Corporate Community Elementary School 341060612CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 9241 S Leavitt St  Map Kellogg SchoolKate S Kellogg Elementary School 424060620CPS Owned 
Detail 4136 S California Ave  Map Kelly High SchoolThomas Kelly High School 140060632CPS Owned 
Detail 4343 W Wrightwood Ave  Map Kelvyn Park High SchoolKelvyn Park High School 141060639CPS Owned 
Detail 6325 W 56th St  Map Kennedy High SchoolJohn F Kennedy High School 142060638CPS Owned 
Detail 5015 S Blackstone Ave  Map Kenwood AcademyKenwood Academy High School 171060615CPS Owned 
Detail 6450 S Lowe Ave  Map Kershaw SchoolJoshua D Kershaw Elementary School 427060621CPS Owned 
Detail 517 N Parkside Ave  Map Key SchoolFrancis Scott Key Elementary School 428060644CPS Owned 
Detail 6700 N Greenview Ave  Map Kilmer SchoolJoyce Kilmer Elementary School 430060626CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4445 S Drexel Blvd  Map King High SchoolDr Martin Luther King Jr College Prep High School 176060653CPS Owned 
Detail 740 S Campbell Ave  Map King SchoolWilliam H King Elementary School 431060612CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5625 S Mobile Ave  Map Kinzie SchoolJohn H Kinzie Elementary School 433060638CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 9351 S Lowe Ave  Map Kipling SchoolRudyard Kipling Elementary School 435060620CPS Owned 
Detail 10414 S State St  Map Kohn SchoolAlfred David Kohn Elementary School 436060628CPS Owned 
Detail 936 E 54th St  Map Kozminski AcademyCharles Kozminski Elementary Community Academy 439060615CPS Owned 
Detail 901 E 95th St  Map Kwame Nkrumah AcademyKwame Nkrumah Academy Charter School 205560619Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2714 W Augusta Blvd  Map Lafayette SchoolJean D Lafayette Elementary School 440060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4015 N Ashland Ave  Map Lake View High SchoolLake View High School 143060613CPS Owned 
Detail 2501 W Addison St  Map Lane Tech High SchoolAlbert G Lane Technical High School 144060618CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 6010 S Throop St  Map Langford AcademyAnna R. Langford Community Academy 290060636CPS Owned 
Detail 4619 S Wolcott Ave  Map Lara AcademyAgustin Lara Elementary Academy 398060609CPS Owned 
Detail 1734 N Orleans St  Map LaSalle AcademyLaSalle Elementary Language Academy 442060614CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1148 N Honore St  Map LaSalle II Magnet Elementary SchoolLaSalle II Magnet Elementary School 804060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1440 S Christiana Ave  Map Lathrop SchoolJulia C Lathrop Elementary School 675060623CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 138 W 109th St  Map Lavizzo SchoolMildred I Lavizzo Elementary School 626060628CPS Owned 
Detail 3500 W Douglas Blvd  Map Lawndale AcademyLawndale Elementary Community Academy 443060623CPS Owned 
Detail 3442 W Douglas Blvd  Map Lawndale AnnexN/A  60623CPS Owned 
Detail 9928 S Crandon Ave  Map Lawrence SchoolRobert H Lawrence Elementary School 455060617CPS Owned 
Detail 7110 S Coles Ave  Map LEARN Charter - 5th CampusLearn Charter - 5th Campus  60649CPS Owned 
Detail 2401 W Congress Pkwy  Map LEARN Charter - ExcelLEARN Charter Elementary School - Excel 677560612Non-CPS Property 
Detail 212 S Francisco Ave  Map LEARN Charter - North LawndaleLEARN Charter Elementary School - North Lawndale 807260612Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1132 S Homan Ave  Map LEARN Charter - Romano Butler CampusLEARN Charter Elementary School - Romano Butler Campus 677060624Non-CPS Property 
Detail 6448 S Tripp Ave  Map Lee SchoolRichard Henry Lee Elementary School 717060629CPS Owned 
Detail 5221 W Congress Pkwy  Map Leland SchoolGeorge Leland Elementary School 732060644CPS Owned 
Detail 8101 S LaSalle St  Map Lenart CenterLenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center 724060620CPS Owned 
Detail 1431 N Leamington Ave  Map Lewis SchoolLeslie Lewis Elementary School 445060651CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5338 S Loomis Blvd  Map Libby AnnexArthur A Libby Elementary School Annex  60609CPS Owned 
Detail 5300 S Loomis Blvd  Map Libby SchoolArthur A Libby Elementary School 447060609CPS Owned 
Detail 2001 N Orchard St  Map Lincoln Park High SchoolLincoln Park High School 162060614CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Lease 4
Lease 5
Detail 615 W Kemper Pl  Map Lincoln SchoolAbraham Lincoln Elementary School 448060614CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 628 W Kemper Pl  Map Lincoln School Parking LotN/A  60614CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 6130 S Wolcott Ave  Map Lindblom Math and Science AcademyRobert Lindblom Math & Science Academy High School 711060636CPS Owned 
Detail 6155 S Damen Ave  Map Lindblom School Parking LotN/A  60636CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 3221 N Sacramento Ave  Map Linne SchoolCarl von Linne Elementary School 449060618CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3310 N Elston Ave  Map Linne School Parking LotN/A  60618CPS LeasedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 2620 S Lawndale Ave  Map Little Village AcademyLittle Village Elementary School 259060623CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 2103 N Lamon Ave  Map Lloyd SchoolHenry D Lloyd Elementary School 450060639CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3141 W Jackson Blvd  Map Locke Charter SchoolAlain Locke Charter Elementary Academy 473060612Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2828 N Oak Park Ave  Map Locke SchoolJosephine C Locke Elementary School 451060634CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 3212 W George St  Map Logandale Middle SchoolLogandale Middle School 756060618CPS Owned 
Detail 3231 N Springfield Ave  Map Lorca SchoolFederico Garcia Lorca Elementary School 833060618CPS Owned 
Detail 6333 W Bloomingdale Ave  Map Lovett SchoolJoseph Lovett Elementary School 453060639CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3320 W Hirsch St  Map Lowell SchoolJames Russell Lowell Elementary School 454060651CPS Owned 
Detail 1424 N Cleaver St  Map Lozano Bilingual Center, Rowe CharterRodolfo Lozano Bilingual & International Ctr Elementary School, Rowe Elementary Charter School 438060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 2941 N McVicker Ave  Map Lyon SchoolMary Lyon Elementary School 456060634CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3202 W 28th St  Map Madero Middle SchoolFrancisco I Madero Middle School 631060623CPS Owned 
Detail 7433 S Dorchester Ave  Map Madison SchoolJames Madison Elementary School 457060619CPS Owned 
Detail 1420 N Hudson Ave  Map Manierre SchoolGeorge Manierre Elementary School 458060610CPS Owned 
Detail 2935 W Polk St  Map Manley AcademyManley Career Academy High School 146060612CPS Owned 
Detail 8050 S Chappel Ave  Map Mann SchoolHorace Mann Elementary School 461060617CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 230 N Kolmar Ave  Map Marconi AcademyGuglielmo Marconi Elementary Community Academy 659060624CPS Owned 
Detail 145 S Campbell Ave  Map Marine Military Academy, Phoenix Academy (JROTC Service Corps Acad)Marine Military Math and Science Academy, Phoenix Military Academy High School 731060612CPS Owned 
Detail 6550 S Richmond St  Map Marquette SchoolMarquette Elementary School 462060629CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 9822 S Exchange Ave  Map Marsh SchoolJohn L Marsh Elementary School 463060617CPS Owned 
Detail 3250 W Adams St  Map Marshall High SchoolJohn Marshall Metropolitan High School 147060624CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 3900 N Lawndale Ave  Map Marshall Middle SchoolThurgood Marshall Middle School 752060618CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4217 W 18th St  Map Mason School, Legacy Charter SchoolRoswell B Mason Elementary School, Legacy Charter Elementary School 465060623CPS Owned 
Detail 5835 N Lincoln Ave  Map Mather High SchoolStephen T Mather High School 148060659CPS Owned 
Detail 512 S Lavergne Ave  Map May AcademyHoratio May Elementary Community Academy 467060644CPS Owned 
Detail 2250 N Clifton Ave  Map Mayer SchoolOscar F Mayer Elementary School 468060614CPS Owned 
Detail 249 E 37th St  Map Mayo SchoolWilliam J & Charles H Mayo Elementary School 470060653CPS Owned 
Detail 838 W Marquette Rd  Map Mays AcademyBenjamin E Mays Elementary Academy 715060621CPS Owned 
Detail 1841 N Springfield Ave  Map McAuliffe SchoolSharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary School 377060647CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3527 S Wallace St  Map McClellan SchoolGeorge B McClellan Elementary School 471060609CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 4421 S State St  Map McCorkleN/A  60609CPS Owned 
Detail 2712 S Sawyer Ave  Map McCormick SchoolCyrus H McCormick Elementary School 472060623CPS Owned 
Detail 4850 N Kenmore Ave  Map McCutcheon BranchN/A  60640CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 4865 N Sheridan Rd  Map McCutcheon SchoolJohn T McCutcheon Elementary School 691060640CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 4835 N Sheridan Rd  Map McCutcheon School Gym and Swimming PoolN/A  60640CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 8801 S Indiana Ave  Map McDade SchoolJames E McDade Elementary Classical School 475060619CPS Owned 
Detail 1419 E 89th St  Map McDowell SchoolMary E McDowell Elementary School 739060619CPS Owned 
Detail 6901 S Fairfield Ave  Map McKay SchoolFrancis M McKay Elementary School 476060629CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 4820 W Walton St  Map McNair CenterRonald E McNair Elementary School 704060651CPS Owned 
Detail 4728 N Wolcott Ave  Map McPherson SchoolJames B McPherson Elementary School 480060640CPS Owned 
Detail 412 S Keeler Ave  Map Melody SchoolGenevieve Melody Elementary School 719060624CPS Owned 
Detail 12339 S Normal Ave  Map Metcalfe AcademyRalph H Metcalfe Elementary Community Academy 319060628CPS Owned 
Detail 545 E Oakwood Blvd  Map Milburn SchoolMilburn Alternative School  60653CPS Owned 
Detail 9000 S Exchange Ave  Map Mireles AcademyArnold Mireles Elementary Academy 588060617CPS Owned 
Detail 2233 W Ohio St  Map Mitchell SchoolEllen Mitchell Elementary School 484060612CPS Owned 
Detail 4415 S Dr Martin L King Jr Dr  Map Mollison SchoolIrvin C Mollison Elementary School 695060653CPS Owned 
Detail 3651 W Schubert Ave  Map Monroe SchoolJames Monroe Elementary School 485060647CPS Owned 
Detail 1310 S Ashland Ave  Map Montefiore Special SchoolMoses Montefiore Special Elementary School 486060608CPS Owned 
Detail 1711 N California Ave  Map Moos School, ASPIRA Charter - Mirta RamirezBernhard Moos Elementary School, ASPIRA Charter - Mirta Ramirez Computer Science 487060647CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1744 W Pryor Ave  Map Morgan Park High SchoolMorgan Park High School 149060643CPS Owned 
Detail 8407 S Kerfoot Ave  Map Morgan SchoolGarrett A Morgan Elementary School 483060620CPS Owned 
Detail 6011 S Rockwell St  Map Morrill SchoolDonald Morrill Math & Science Elementary School 488060629CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 431 N Troy St  Map Morton AcademyMorton School of Excellence 680060612CPS Owned 
Detail 10841 S Homan Ave  Map Mount Greenwood SchoolMount Greenwood Elementary School 494060655CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 10540 S Morgan St  Map Mount Vernon SchoolMount Vernon Elementary School 498060643CPS Owned 
Detail 2200 N Hamlin Ave  Map Mozart SchoolWolfgang A Mozart Elementary School 500060647CPS Owned 
Detail 1855 N Sheffield Ave  Map Mulligan SchoolN/A  60614CPS Owned 
Detail 3539 W Grace St  Map Murphy SchoolJohn B Murphy Elementary School 502060618CPS Owned 
Detail 5335 S Kenwood Ave  Map Murray AcademyPhillip Murray Elementary Language Academy 503060615CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 255 E Pershing Rd  Map N/AN/A  60653CPS Owned 
Detail 3737 S Paulina St  Map Namaste CharterNamaste Charter Elementary School 792060609Non-CPS Property 
Detail 4837 W Erie St  Map Nash SchoolHenry H Nash Elementary School 505060644CPS Owned 
Detail 55 W Cermak Rd  Map National Teachers AcademyNational Teachers Elementary Academy 648060616CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1450 N Larrabee St  Map Near NorthN/A  60610CPS Owned 
Detail 739 N Ada St  Map Near North CenterNear North Elementary School 497060642CPS Owned 
Detail 8555 S Michigan Ave  Map Neil SchoolJane A Neil Elementary School 506060619CPS Owned 
Detail 3252 N Broadway St  Map Nettelhorst SchoolLouis Nettelhorst Elementary School 507060657CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1707 W Morse Ave  Map New Field Primary SchoolNew Field Elementary School 706060626CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 700 W Willow St  Map Newberry MagnetWalter L Newberry Math & Science Academy Elementary School 508060614CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 6006 S Peoria St  Map Nicholson SchoolNicholson Technology Academy 220060621CPS Owned 
Detail 5250 S Rockwell St  Map Nightingale SchoolFlorence Nightingale Elementary School 509060632CPS Owned 
Detail 8344 S Commercial Ave  Map Ninos Heroes AcademicNinos Heroes Elementary Academic Center 372060617CPS Owned 
Detail 2121 N Keeler Ave  Map Nixon SchoolWilliam P Nixon Elementary School 510060639CPS Owned 
Detail 4127 W Hirsch St  Map Nobel SchoolAlfred Nobel Elementary School 511060651CPS Owned 
Detail 8748 S Aberdeen St  Map Noble - Hansberry College PrepNoble - Hansberry College Prep  60620Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Detail 7131 S South Chicago Ave  Map Noble Charter Comer HSNoble Charter Comer HS  60619Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Detail 931 S Homan Ave  Map Noble Charter DRW TradingNoble Charter DRW Trading 116560624Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Detail 2040 W Adams St  Map Noble Street Charter - Chicago Bulls (formerly Cregier/Best Practice)Noble Street Charter School - Chicago Bulls College 102060612CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 7200 S Ingleside Ave  Map Noble Street Charter - Comer CampusNoble Street Charter School - Gary Comer College Prep 193560619Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1454 W Superior St  Map Noble Street Charter - Golder CollegeNoble Street Charter School - Golder College Prep 193460642Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Detail 6350 S Stewart Ave  Map Noble Street Charter - Johnson (at Reed)Noble Street Charter School - Johnson High School 802860621CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1 N State St  Map Noble Street Charter - Muchin CollegeNoble Street Charter School - Muchin College Prep 807960602Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Detail 1010 N Noble St  Map Noble Street Charter - NobleNoble Street Charter College Prep High School - Noble Street 193060622Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Detail 4131 W Cortland Ave  Map Noble Street Charter - PritzkerNoble Street Charter School - Pritzker College Prep 193160639Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Detail 1337 W Ohio St  Map Noble Street Charter - Rauner CollegeNoble Street Charter School - Rauner College Prep 193260642Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Detail 3645 W Chicago Ave  Map Noble Street Charter - Rowe-ClarkNoble Street Charter School - Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy 193360651Non-CPS PropertyLease 1
Detail 1231 S Damen Ave  Map Noble Street Charter - UIC College Prep (at Gladstone)Noble Street Charter School - UIC College Prep 193660608CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4338 W Wabansia Ave  Map North Grand High SchoolNorth-Grand High School 114060639CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1119 E 46th St  Map North Kenwood Charter School UofC, Ariel Community SchoolUniversity of Chicago Charter - NKO 306060653CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1313 S Sacramento Dr  Map North Lawndale College Prep (at Collins)North Lawndale College Prep Charter - Collins 110660623CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4416 N Troy St  Map North River Elementary School (at Mercy)North River Elementary School 789060625CPS LeasedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 6323 N Avondale St  Map North/Northwest Side Collaborative Administrative OfficeN/A  60631CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 5501 N Kedzie Ave  Map Northside College PrepNorthside College Preparatory High School 174060625CPS Owned 
Detail 3730 W Bryn Mawr Ave  Map Northside Learning CenterNorthside Learning Center High School 169060659CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 5252 W Palmer St  Map Northwest Middle SchoolNorthwest Middle School 460060639CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5900 N Nina Ave  Map Norwood Park SchoolNorwood Park Elementary School 512060631CPS Owned 
Detail 6940 S Merrill Ave  Map O'Keeffe SchoolIsabelle C O'Keeffe Elementary School 518060649CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6550 S Seeley Ave  Map O'Toole SchoolLuke O'Toole Elementary School 523060636CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 24 W Walton St  Map Ogden ElementaryWilliam B Ogden Elementary School  60610CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1250 W Erie St  Map Ogden International High SchoolOgden International High School 808360622CPS Owned 
Detail 7646 S Green St  Map Oglesby SchoolRichard J Oglesby Elementary School 517060620CPS Owned 
Detail 6634 W Raven St  Map Onahan SchoolWilliam J Onahan Elementary School 519060631CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 7400 W Foster Ave  Map Oriole Park Pre-KN/A  60656CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 5424 N Oketo Ave  Map Oriole Park SchoolOriole Park Elementary School 520060656CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1940 W 18th St  Map Orozco AcademyOrozco Fine Arts & Sciences Elementary School 761060608CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 730 N Pulaski Rd  Map Orr High SchoolOrr Academy High School 183060624CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 525 N Armour St  Map Otis SchoolJames Otis Elementary School 522060622CPS Owned 
Detail 4935 S Indiana Ave  Map Overton Child Parent Center (for Overton School)Overton Child Parent Center  60615CPS Owned 
Detail 221 E 49th St  Map Overton SchoolAnthony Overton Elementary School 696060615CPS Owned 
Detail 8247 S Christiana Ave  Map Owen AcademyWilliam Bishop Owen Scholastic Academy Elementary School 524060652CPS Owned 
Detail 12450 S State St  Map Owens AcademyJesse Owens Elementary Community Academy 347060628CPS Owned 
Detail 2221 S Lawndale Ave  Map Paderewski SchoolIgnance Paderewski Elementary Learning Academy 693060623CPS Owned 
Detail 5051 N Kenneth Ave  Map Palmer SchoolJohn Palmer Elementary School 526060630CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 7037 S Rhodes Ave  Map Park Manor SchoolPark Manor Elementary School 529060637CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6800 S Stewart Ave  Map Parker Community Academy, Amandla Charter High SchoolAmandla Charter High School 203560621CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 245 W 51st St  Map Parkman SchoolFrancis Parkman Elementary School 528060609CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6938 S East End Ave  Map Parkside AcademyParkside Elementary Community Academy 530060649CPS Owned 
Detail 1643 W Bryn Mawr Ave  Map Passages Charter SchoolPassages Charter Elementary School 685060660Non-CPS Property 
Detail 5825 S Kostner Ave  Map Pasteur SchoolLouis Pasteur Elementary School 531060629CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3270 W 87th St  Map Pathways SchoolPathways in Education High School  60652Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1034 N Wells St  Map Payton High SchoolWalter Payton College Preparatory High School 109060610CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Lease 4
Lease 5
Detail 943 N Orleans St  Map Payton High School Parking Lot 1N/A  60610CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 940 N Orleans St  Map Payton High School Parking Lot 2N/A  60610CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 941 N Orleans St  Map Payton High School Parking Lot 3N/A  60610CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 1444 W Augusta Blvd  Map Peabody SchoolElizabeth Peabody Elementary School 533060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1400 W Augusta Blvd  Map Peabody School GymN/A  60642CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 4946 S Paulina St  Map Peace and EducationPeace & Education Coalition  60609CPS Owned 
Detail 3826 W 58th St  Map Peck SchoolFerdinand Peck Elementary School 534060629CPS Owned 
Detail 4024 W 59th St  Map Peck School Pre-KN/A  60629CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 1423 W Bryn Mawr Ave  Map Peirce SchoolHelen Peirce International Studies Elementary School 536060660CPS Owned 
Detail 1616 S Avers Ave  Map Penn School, KIPP Ascend Charter SchoolWilliam Penn Elementary School, KIPP Ascend Academy Charter Elementary School 781060623CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Lease 4
Detail 1241 W 19th St  Map Perez SchoolManuel Perez Elementary School 293060608CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1849 S Throop St  Map Perez School Parking LotN/A  60607CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 3113 S Rhodes Ave  Map Pershing MagnetJohn J Pershing Elementary Humanities Magnet 540060616CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3200 S Calumet Ave  Map Pershing WestPershing West Middle School 804760616CPS Owned 
Detail 1930 S Archer Ave  Map Perspective Charter SchoolPerspectives Charter - Rodney D Joslin 196060616Non-CPS Property 
Detail 8131 S May St  Map Perspectives Charter - CalumetPerspectives Charter - Calumet High School 196160620CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3663 S Wabash Ave  Map Perspectives Charter - IIT (at Raymond)Perspectives Charter - IIT Math & Science Academy 196460653CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5510 N Christiana Ave  Map Peterson SchoolMary Gage Peterson Elementary School 541060625CPS Owned 
Detail 244 E Pershing Rd  Map Phillips High School, Wells ElementaryWendell Phillips Academy High School, Ida B Wells Preparatory Elementary Academy 151060653CPS Owned 
Detail 1040 N Keeler Ave  Map Piccolo Elementary SchoolBrian Piccolo Elementary Specialty School 521060651CPS Owned 
Detail 2301 W 21st Pl  Map Pickard SchoolJosiah Pickard Elementary School 543060608CPS Owned 
Detail 1420 W 17th St  Map Pilsen AcademyPilsen Elementary Community Academy 421060608CPS Owned 
Detail 650 E 85th St  Map Pirie SchoolJohn T Pirie Fine Arts & Academic Center Elementary School 544060619CPS Owned 
Detail 2642 W 15th Pl  Map Plamondon SchoolAmbrose Plamondon Elementary School 545060608CPS Owned 
Detail 5545 W Harrison St  Map Plato Learing AcademyPlato Learning Academy Elementary School 204560644Non-CPS Property 
Detail 10538 S Langley Ave  Map Poe SchoolEdgar Allan Poe Elementary Classical School 546060628CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 620 N Sawyer Ave  Map Polaris Charter (at Moreses)Polaris Charter Academy Elementary School 415060624CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1852 S Albany Ave  Map Pope SchoolNathaniel Pope Elementary School 548060623CPS Owned 
Detail 5330 W Berteau Ave  Map Portage Park SchoolPortage Park Elementary School 549060641CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 7530 S South Shore Dr  Map PowellN/A  60649CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 7511 S South Shore Dr  Map Powell SchoolAdam Clayton Powell Paideia Community Academy ES 701060649CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 1632 W Wrightwood Ave  Map Prescott SchoolWilliam H Prescott Elementary School 550060614CPS Owned 
Detail 4351 S Drexel Blvd  Map Price SchoolFlorence B Price Elementary School 681060653CPS Owned 
Detail 2231 N Central Ave  Map Prieto SchoolDr Jorge Prieto Math and Science 802360639CPS Owned 
Detail 5125 S Princeton Ave  Map PrincetonN/A  60609CPS Owned 
Detail 2009 W Schiller St  Map Pritzker SchoolA.N. Pritzker School 646060622CPS Owned 
Detail 1060 E 47th St  Map Prologue - Joshua Johnston Charter School for Fine Art and DesignPrologue - Joshua Johnston Charter School for Fine Arts and Design 867060643Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1135 N Cleaver St  Map Prologue Early CollegePrologue Early College High School 113560642Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2148 N Long Ave  Map Prosser High SchoolCharles Allen Prosser Career Academy High School 107060639CPS Owned 
Detail 6515 S Ashland Ave  Map Providence Englewood (at Bunche)Providence Englewood Charter - Bunche 670060636CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4650 N Menard Ave  Map Prussing SchoolErnst Prussing Elementary School 551060630CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2230 W McLean Ave  Map Pulaski AcademyPulaski International Academy Elmentary School 552060647CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 11311 S Forrestville Ave  Map Pullman SchoolGeorge M Pullman Elementary School 553060628CPS Owned 
Detail 7316 S Hoyne Ave  Map Randolph MagnetAsa Philip Randolph Elementary School 355060636CPS Owned 
Detail 4332 N Paulina St  Map Ravenswood SchoolRavenswood Elementary School 555060613CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5631 S Kimbark Ave  Map Ray SchoolWilliam H Ray Elementary School 556060637CPS Owned 
Detail 834 E 50th St  Map Reavis SchoolWilliam C Reavis Math & Science Specialty Elementary School 558060615CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3650 W School St  Map Reilly SchoolFrank W Reilly Elementary School 559060618CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 3425 N Lawndale Ave  Map Reilly School Parking LotN/A  60618CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 3425 N Major Ave  Map Reinberg SchoolPeter A Reinberg Elementary School 560060634CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1010 E 72nd St  Map Revere SchoolPaul Revere Elementary School 561060619CPS Owned 
Detail 5009 S Laflin St  Map Richards High SchoolEllen H Richards Career Academy High School 111060609CPS Owned 
Detail 5900 N Glenwood Ave  Map Rickover Naval Academy, Senn High SchoolHyman G Rickover Naval Academy, Nicholas Senn High School 765060660CPS Owned 
Detail 6835 S Normal Blvd  Map Robeson High School, Robeson Achievement AcademyPaul Robeson High School 132060621CPS Owned 
Detail 4225 S Lake Park Ave  Map Robinson SchoolJackie Robinson Elementary School 678060653CPS Owned 
Detail 1117 S Central Ave  Map Rockne StadiumN/A  60644CPS Owned 
Detail 7345 N Washtenaw Ave  Map Rogers SchoolPhilip Rogers Elementary School 563060645CPS Owned 
Detail 3436 W Wilson Ave  Map Roosevelt High SchoolTheodore Roosevelt High School 152060625CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6059 S Wabash Ave  Map Ross SchoolBetsy Ross Elementary School 565060637CPS Owned 
Detail 110 N Paulina St  Map Rudolph Learning CenterWilma Rudolph Elementary Learning Center 735060612CPS Owned 
Detail 7831 S Prairie Ave  Map Ruggles SchoolMartha Ruggles Elementary School 566060619CPS Owned 
Detail 2410 S Leavitt St  Map Ruiz SchoolIrma C Ruiz Elementary School 539060608CPS Owned 
Detail 8716 S Wallace St  Map Ryder SchoolWilliam H Ryder Math & Science Specialty Elementary School 567060620CPS Owned 
Detail 646 N Lawndale Ave  Map Ryerson SchoolMartin A Ryerson Elementary School 568060624CPS Owned 
Detail 2216 W Hirsch St  Map Sabin MagnetAlbert R Sabin Elementary Magnet School 779060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 160 W Wendell St  Map Salazar CenterRueben Salazar Elementary Bilingual Center 672060610CPS Owned 
Detail 5534 S Saint Louis Ave  Map Sandoval SchoolSocorro Sandoval Elementary School 643060629CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2850 W 24th Blvd  Map Saucedo AcademyMaria Saucedo Elementary Scholastic Academy 425060623CPS Owned 
Detail 6040 N Kilpatrick Ave  Map Sauganash SchoolSauganash Elementary School 569060646CPS Owned 
Detail 5248 S Sawyer Ave  Map Sawyer SchoolSidney Sawyer Elementary School 571060632CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1850 N Newland Ave  Map Sayre AcademyHarriet E Sayre Elementary Language Academy 572060707CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4201 W Henderson St  Map Scammon SchoolJonathan Y Scammon Elementary School 573060641CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 9755 S Greenwood Ave  Map Schmid SchoolTheophilus Schmid Elementary School 595060628CPS Owned 
Detail 7627 S Constance Ave  Map School of Leadership (at South Shore High School)High School of Leadership at South Shore 723060649CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2727 N Long Ave  Map Schubert SchoolFranz Peter Schubert Elementary School 580060639CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 4632 W Diversey Ave  Map Schubert School Pre-KN/A  60639CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 3601 N Milwaukee Ave  Map Schurz High SchoolCarl Schurz High School 153060641CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5114 S Elizabeth St  Map Second ChanceN/A  60609CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 4545 S Wood St  Map Seward BranchWilliam H Seward Communication Arts Academy Elementary School Branch  60609CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 4600 S Hermitage Ave  Map Seward SchoolWilliam H Seward Communication Arts Academy Elementary School 582060609CPS Owned 
Detail 6020 S Langley Ave  Map Sexton SchoolAustin O Sexton Elementary School 583060637CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6936 S Hermitage Ave  Map Shabazz Charter - Sizemore AcademyBetty Shabazz International Charter - Barbara A Sizemore 513060636CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 7823 S Ellis Ave  Map Shabazz Charter SchoolBetty Shabazz International Charter 452060619Non-CPS Property 
Detail 533 W 27th St  Map Sheridan MagnetMark Sheridan Elementary Math & Science Academy 492060616CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1000 W 52nd St  Map Sherman SchoolWilliam T Sherman Elementary School 589060609CPS Owned 
Detail 245 W 57th St  Map Sherwood SchoolJesse Sherwood Elementary School 590060621CPS Owned 
Detail 4250 S Rockwell St  Map Shields SchoolJames Shields Elementary School 591060632CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1330 E 50th St  Map Shoesmith SchoolBeulah Shoesmith Elementary School 592060615CPS Owned 
Detail 11140 S Bishop St  Map Shoop SchoolJohn D Shoop Math-Science Technical Academy Elementary School 593060643CPS Owned 
Detail 8147 S Vincennes Ave  Map Simeon High SchoolNeal F Simeon Career Academy High School 115060620CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1321 S Paulina St  Map Simpson AcademySimpson Academy High School for Young Women 175060608CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 225 S Aberdeen St  Map Skinner Branch (formerly Sousa)Mark Skinner Elementary School Branch  60607CPS Owned 
Detail 640 W Scott St  Map Skinner NorthSkinner North 802460610CPS Owned 
Detail 1260 W Adams St  Map Skinner SchoolMark Skinner Elementary School 594060607CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 744 E 103rd St  Map Smith SchoolWendell Smith Elementary School 387060628CPS Owned 
Detail 6200 W Patterson Ave  Map Smyser AnnexWashington D Smyser Elementary School Annex  60634CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 4310 N Melvina Ave  Map Smyser SchoolWashington D Smyser Elementary School 596060634CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1059 W 13th St  Map Smyth SchoolJohn M Smyth Elementary School 597060608CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 6206 N Hamlin Ave  Map Solomon SchoolHannah G Solomon Elementary School 598060659CPS Owned 
Detail 5400 S Saint Louis Ave  Map Solorio SchoolEric Solorio Academy High School 855060632CPS Owned 
Detail 11725 S Perry Ave  Map Songhai InstituteSonghai Elementary Learning Institute 574060628CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1915 S Federal St  Map South Loop BranchSouth Loop Elementary School Branch  60616CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 1212 S Plymouth Ct  Map South Loop SchoolSouth Loop Elementary School 396060605CPS Owned 
Detail 1955 E 75th St  Map South Shore International High SchoolSouth Shore International College Prep High School  60603CPS Owned 
Detail 4655 S Dearborn St  Map South Side Collaborative (former Colman)N/A 284060609CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 7342 S Hoyne Ave  Map Southside Occupational AcademySouthside Occupational Academy High School 170060636CPS Owned 
Detail 6533 S Stewart Ave  Map Southwest Side Collaborative Administrative Office (former Hayes)N/A  60621CPS Owned 
Detail 214 N Lavergne Ave  Map Spencer AcademySpencer Technology Academy 600060644CPS Owned 
Detail 2400 S Marshall Blvd  Map Spry SchoolJohn Spry Elementary Community School 601060623CPS Owned 
Detail 2950 W 25th St  Map Spry School Gym and Swimming PoolN/A  60623CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 7424 S Morgan St  Map Stagg SchoolAmos Alonzo Stagg Elementary School 776060621CPS Owned 
Detail 1035 W 74th St  Map Stagg StadiumN/A  60621CPS Owned 
Detail 3030 N Mobile Ave  Map Steinmetz High SchoolCharles P Steinmetz Academic Centre High School 156060634CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 1522 W Fillmore St  Map STEM Magnet (formerly Thomas Jefferson)N/A 419060607CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4350 W 79th St  Map Stevenson Branch (formerly Hancock Elementary)Adlai E. Stevenson Elementary School Branch  60652CPS Owned 
Detail 8010 S Kostner Ave  Map Stevenson SchoolAdlai E Stevenson Elementary School 603060652CPS Owned 
Detail 4525 N Kenmore Ave  Map Stewart SchoolGraeme Stewart Elementary School 604060640CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 7507 W Birchwood Ave  Map Stock SchoolFrederick Stock Elementary School 577060631CPS Owned 
Detail 4420 N Beacon St  Map Stockton SchoolJoseph Stockton Elementary School 606060640CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 6239 N Leavitt St  Map Stone AcademyStone Elementary Scholastic Academy 607060659CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 3444 W Wabansia Ave  Map Stowe SchoolHarriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School 608060647CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 2022 W Washington Blvd  Map Suder SchoolSuder Montessori Magnet Elementary School 634060612CPS Owned 
Detail 8331 S Mackinaw Ave  Map Sullivan Area New SchoolWilliam K New Sullivan Elementary School 610060617CPS Owned 
Detail 6631 N Bosworth Ave  Map Sullivan High SchoolRoger C Sullivan High School 157060626CPS Owned 
Detail 30 E 112th Pl  Map Summers Alternative SchoolSummers Alternative School  60628CPS Owned 
Detail 4320 W 5th Ave  Map Sumner AcademyCharles Sumner Math & Science Community Acad ES 611060624CPS Owned 
Detail 10015 S Leavitt St  Map Sutherland SchoolElizabeth H Sutherland Elementary School 612060643CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 5900 N Winthrop Ave  Map Swift SchoolGeorge B Swift Elementary Specialty School 613060660CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 6530 W Bryn Mawr Ave  Map Taft High SchoolWilliam Howard Taft High School 158060631CPS Owned 
Detail 1840 W Ohio St  Map Talcott SchoolMancel Talcott Elementary School 614060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 5450 S Talman Ave  Map Talman (St. Clair)Talman Elementary School 668060632CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 7350 S Evans Ave  Map Tanner SchoolHenry O Tanner Elementary School 697060619CPS Owned 
Detail 3330 W 71st St  Map TarkingtonTarkington School of Excellence Elementary School 716060629CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 9912 S Avenue H  Map Taylor SchoolDouglas Taylor Elementary School 615060617CPS Owned 
Detail 500 W 35th St  Map Teachers Academy for Math and Science Parking Lot (TAMS)N/A  60616CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 6201 S Stewart Ave  Map TEAM Englewood Comm Academy, Urban Prep Charter - EnglewoodTEAM Englewood Community Academy High School, Urban Prep Acad for Young Men Charter - Englewood 703060621CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2832 W 24th Blvd  Map Telpochcalli SchoolTelpochcalli Elementary School 338060623CPS Owned 
Detail 3625 S Hoyne Ave  Map Thomas Early Childhood CenterVelma F Thomas Early Childhood Center 671060609CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 6024 W Warwick Ave  Map Thorp Scholastic AcademyOle A Thorp Elementary Scholastic Academy 619060634CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Lease 4
Lease 5
Detail 8914 S Buffalo Ave  Map Thorp School, LEARN Charter School - South ChicagoJames N Thorp Elementary School, LEARN Charter School - South Chicago Campus 802960617CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4747 S Union Ave  Map Tilden AcademyEdward Tilden Career Community Academy High School 159060609CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 6543 S Champlain Ave  Map Till Math and ScienceEmmett Louis Till Math and Science Academy 474060637CPS Owned 
Detail 223 N Keeler Ave  Map Tilton SchoolGeorge W Tilton Elementary School 621060624CPS Owned 
Detail 5815 S Homan Ave  Map Tonti SchoolEnrico Tonti Elementary School 622060629CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5200 N Ashland Ave  Map Trumbull SchoolLyman Trumbull Elementary School 623060640CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 25 W 113th Pl  Map TurnerN/A  60628CPS Owned 
Detail 9300 S Princeton Ave  Map Turner-Drew AcademyTurner-Drew Elementary Language Academy 311060620CPS Owned 
Detail 5134 S Lotus Ave  Map Twain SchoolMark Twain Elementary School 624060638CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 707 E 37th St  Map University of Chicago Charter - DonoghueUniversity of Chicago Charter School - Donoghue 260060653CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4444 S Evans Ave  Map University of Chicago Charter - WoodsonUniversity of Chicago Charter - Carter G Woodson 306260653CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 3434 W 51st St  Map UNO Charter School - 51st and HomanUNO Charter School - 51st and Homan  60632Non-CPS Property 
Detail 1641 W 16th St  Map UNO Charter School - De Las CasasUNO Charter School - Bartolome de Las Casas 334160608Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2845 W Barry Ave  Map UNO Charter School - FuentesUNO Charter School - Carlos Fuentes 334260618Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2744 W Pershing Rd  Map UNO Charter School - Gage ParkUNO Charter School - Gage Park 809460632Non-CPS Property 
Detail 4248 W 47th St  Map UNO Charter School - Major HectorUNO Charter School - Major Hector P Garcia MD Campus 334360632Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2916 W 47th St  Map UNO Charter School - MarquezUNO Charter School - Officer Donald J. Marquez 334660632Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2651 W 23rd Pl  Map UNO Charter School - Octavio PazUNO Charter School - Octavio Paz Intermediate 581060608Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2510 W Cortez St  Map UNO Charter School - St MarksUNO Charter School - St Marks  60622Non-CPS Property 
Detail 5135 S California Ave  Map UNO Charter School - TomayoUNO Charter School - Rufino Tamayo 334060632Non-CPS Property 
Detail 900 W Wilson Ave  Map Uplift Community School (at Arai)Uplift Community High School 221060640CPS Owned 
Detail 1326 W 14th Pl  Map Urban Prep - East Garfield Park (formerly Medill)Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men High School - East Garfield Park  60608CPS Owned 
Detail 9510 S Prospect Ave  Map Vanderpoel MagnetJohn H Vanderpoel Elementary Magnet School 625060643CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4355 N Linder Ave  Map Vaughn High SchoolJacqueline B Vaughn Occupational High School 192060641CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2554 W 113th St  Map Vick CenterBarbara Vick Early Childhood & Family Center 292060655CPS Owned 
Detail 6601 S Kedzie Ave  Map Vick Early Childhood (formerly Eberhart Branch)Barbara Vick Early Childhood  60629CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 4950 N Avers Ave  Map Volta SchoolAlessandro Volta Elementary School 627060625CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2620 W Hirsch St  Map Von Humboldt School, Roque De Duprey SchoolAlexander von Humboldt Elementary School 628060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 5039 N Kimball Ave  Map Von Steuben MetroFriedrich W Von Steuben Metropolitan Science High School 161060625CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 9746 S Morgan St  Map Wacker SchoolCharles H Wacker Elementary School 803060643CPS Owned 
Detail 6420 S University Ave  Map Wadsworth School, University of Chicago Charter - WoodlawnJames Wadsworth Elementary School, University of Chicago Charter - Woodlawn 306160637CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 2015 S Peoria St  Map Walsh SchoolJohn A Walsh Elementary School 632060608CPS Owned 
Detail 410 N Monticello Ave  Map Ward SchoolLaura S Ward Elementary School 547060624CPS Owned 
Detail 2701 S Shields Ave  Map Ward SchoolJames Ward Elementary School 633060616CPS Owned 
Detail 9239 S Jeffery Ave  Map Warren SchoolJoseph Warren Elementary School 635060617CPS Owned 
Detail 3100 S Kedzie Ave  Map WashburneN/A  60623CPS Owned 
Detail 115 W 108th St  Map WashingtonN/A  60628CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 3535 E 114th St  Map Washington High SchoolGeorge Washington High School 163060617CPS Owned 
Detail 3611 E 114th St  Map Washington, George Elementary SchoolGeorge Washington Elementary School 636060617CPS Owned 
Detail 9130 S University Ave  Map Washington, Harold Elementary SchoolHarold Washington Elementary School 538060619CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 4540 N Campbell Ave  Map Waters SchoolThomas J Waters Elementary School 637060625CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 4055 W Arthington St  Map Webster SchoolDaniel Webster Elementary School 638060624CPS Owned 
Detail 936 N Ashland Ave  Map Wells Academy High SchoolWells Community Academy High School 164060622CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Lease 3
Detail 6950 S Sangamon St  Map Wentworth SchoolDaniel S Wentworth Elementary School 639060621CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 1425 N Tripp Ave  Map West Park AcademyWest Park Elementary Academy 514060651CPS Owned 
Detail 11941 S Parnell Ave  Map West Pullman SchoolWest Pullman Elementary School 640060628CPS Owned 
Detail 6700 N Whipple St  Map West Ridge Elementary SchoolWest Ridge Elementary School 844060645CPS Owned 
Detail 501 W 35th St  Map West Side Collaborative Administrative Offices (Teacher Academy for Math and Science/TAMS)N/A  60609CPS LeasedLease 1
Detail 409 W 80th St  Map Westcott SchoolOliver S Westcott Elementary School 726060620CPS Owned 
Detail 3223 W Franklin Blvd  Map Westinghouse College Prep George Westinghouse High School 116060624CPS Owned 
Detail 11533 S Ada St  Map Whistler SchoolJohn Whistler Elementary School 642060643CPS Owned 
Detail 1136 W 122nd St  Map White SchoolEdward White Elementary Career Academy 744060643CPS Owned 
Detail 2815 S Komensky Ave  Map Whitney SchoolEli Whitney Elementary School 644060623CPS Owned 
Detail 211 S Laflin St  Map Whitney Young Magnet High SchoolWhitney M Young Magnet High School 181060607CPS Owned 
Detail 1900 W 23rd St  Map Whittier SchoolJohn Greenleaf Whittier Elementary School 645060608CPS Owned 
Detail 6950 N Hiawatha Ave  Map Wildwood SchoolWildwood Elementary School 647060646CPS Owned 
Detail 2710 S Dearborn St  Map Williams School, Williams Preparatory Academy, Urban Prep Charter - South ShoreWilliams Multiplex Elementary School, Williams Preparatory Academy Middle School, Urban Prep Academy for Young Men - South Shore 649060616CPS Owned 
Detail 5201 N Leavitt St  Map Winnemac StadiumN/A  60625CPS Owned 
Detail 6657 S Kimbark Ave  Map Woodlawn SchoolWoodlawn Community Elementary School 386060637CPS Owned 
Detail 6206 S Racine Ave  Map Woods Community AcademyGranville T Woods Math & Science Academy Elementary School 708060636CPS Owned 
Detail 4511 S Evans Ave  Map Woodson Child Parent Center (for Woodson South Elementary)Woodson Child Parent Center  60653CPS Owned 
Detail 4414 S Evans Ave  Map Woodson South SchoolCarter G Woodson South Elementary School 782060653CPS OwnedLease 1
Detail 627 N Harding Ave  Map Wright SchoolN/A  60624CPS Owned 
Detail 7025 S Princeton Ave  Map Yale SchoolElihu Yale Elementary School 650060621CPS Owned 
Detail 1839 N Richmond St  Map Yates SchoolRichard Yates Elementary School 651060647CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 2700 S California Ave  Map York Alternative High SchoolN/A  60608CPS Owned 
Detail 2641 S Calumet Ave  Map Young Women's Leadership Charter (at Sengstacke)Young Women's Leadership Charter High School 249060616CPS OwnedLease 1
Lease 2
Detail 10 W 35th St  Map Youth Connection Charter SchoolYouth Connection Charter School 112160615Non-CPS Property 
Detail 2728 S Kostner Ave  Map Zapata SchoolEmiliano Zapata Elementary Academy 382060623CPS LeasedLease 1
 AddressProperty NameLong NameFacility IDUnitZipOwnershipAttached Leases

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